THE PRESIDENT, DIRECTOR & CEO, Trudy Kerr, has been in the Calgary business arena for more than 30 years, always employed in senior capacities at various levels with major and small independent companies in the oil and gas and investment industries by such as Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd. and Oakwood Petroleum Ltd.  In 1978, Trudy struck out on her own on a full-time basis with her private oil and gas company, Zebra Resources Ltd., as a consultant to private investors.  Trudy, independently and successfully, vaulted a $500,000 outside investment into a discounted net worth of more than $20.0 MM with very happy investors receiving pay out in seven months and excellent cash flow for more than 20 years. In 1986, Trudy further broadened her knowledge, experience and contacts as an Account Executive with a Calgary based brokerage firm where she successfully launched junior oil and gas companies such as Rio Alto Exploration Ltd. Trudy has always been a pioneer, developing her own private companies, and paving the way for "Lady Landmen" in the oil and gas industry in the mid-l970's.  Trudy's enterprising endeavors and accomplishments have gained her considerable respect in the Calgary business community where she has become legend in her own right.

Trudy also is a very selective, conscientious, successful and ethical hobby breeder and exhibitor of the now virtually extinct old original Peking Palace line of Shih Tzu dogs for over 25 years. She has Internationally exhibited and titled more than 30 dogs, primarily of her own breeding, as well as the seven foundation stock she imported from Germany's famous Erika Geusendam's Tschomo-Lungma Kennel in Lubeck.

Trudy bred and showed her dogs to Best In Show Titles in Denmark and Germany. In 1985, Trudy was the first Shih Tzu breeder from North America to win acclaim with two of her dogs at the F.C.I. World Dog Show in Amsterdam. On this trip her 2 dogs also placed lst & 2nd resulting in a Best in Show placing in Keil, Germany's all breed International Show. One of Trudy's Dogs also placed Best in Show at a large International multiple Specialty Breed and Group Show in Esbjerg, Denmark in l983. She has successfully exhibited her dogs in Canada, the United States, Denmark and Germany attaining Group Wins and Bests in Show. Trudy also exhibited her dogs in Switzerland and Austria with considerable recognition.

Trudy's goals to breed and exhibit quality, not quantity, of the authentic original line of Shih Tzu brought her considerable International recognition and acclaim for her endeavors to carry forward the old original Peking Palace line of Shih Tzu from China, free of the hereditary kidney ailment found in Shih Tzu lines today. It brought her meaningful contacts throughout the world.  Trudy's Shih Tzu story has been written about in several US, Canadian and European breed books and magazines. Trudy has attended and participated in a considerable number of World and International Dog Shows where she is left with a distinct impression that at this level of the dog fancy there is meaningful organization, concern and appreciation to breed better dogs for all mankind the world over.

Dogdomain.com's vision and solid business plan are driven by Trudy's business acumen coupled with her extensive experience and connections in the International Dog Breeder & Exhibitors' Community as well as her past tenure in the varied business arenas.  Trudy's strengths lie in her business experience, International connections and her ability to bring the right people together as a productive meaningful team extracting the best of all team participants' skills toward the joint ultimate goals of DDGI


Wolf-Juergen Weineck, Technical Vice-President brings to Dog Domain Global substantial technical backup in all facets of the High Tech Industry. Mr. Weineck will provide considerable assistance in the development and launching of dogdomain.de, our German mirror site. Dogdomain Global is extremely proud to have Mr. Weineck on our team.

Mr Weineck studied at University Aachen from 1982 to 1989. Mr. Weineck's major subjects were electrical engineering and computer sciences with Diploma from Fraunhofer Institut for Production Technology (IPT) an institute at the University of Aachen, Germany. He has been employed in many facets of computer sciences with his main focus on data base concepts, programming and development. He was employed in leading positions as a Product Manager at Schwaebisch Hall Service GmbH (Subsidiary of Bausparkasse Schwaebisch Hall AG (Europe's largest home saving institution) in Schwaebisch Hall. Here he was solely responsible for the department, "Communication Services", including inhouse network, data centre, utilizing SUN 250/450 (Solaris), Compaq ProLinea (NT, Linux), StorEdge (250 GB), StorageTek (500 GB), Oracle, mySQL and Lotus Notes central data base systems.

More recently, Mr. Weineck was employed as Manager "European Solution Center" with BearingPoint GmbH (formerly KPMG Consulting AG) where he was technically and organizationally responsible for the location Hallbergmoos (Munich), known as the "European Solution Center" (a developing and presentation platform for business solutions).

Mr. Weineck's management and responsibility there consists of strategic planning and process definition, operational responsibility for the datacenter utilizing HP and Compaq (NT, Win2K, Linux), StorageTek (4 TB), backup tape roboter and IBM host (OS/390). The Database systems consist of Oracle, mySQL and SAPDB. Mr. Weineck was responsible for the conception of the network enlargement of the datacenter and direct connection to the US WAN of BearingPoint Inc. design of the European network. He was also technically responsible for the design and the roll-out in Hallbergmoos of BearingPoints worldwide first "VoiceOverIP" solution.

Mr. Weineck is also CEO of GiD mbH. This consulting company provides all kinds of internet solutions as well as provide advice to other companies in the range of internet security and networkdevelopment.

Mr. Weineck's experience and knowledge includes BS2000, MS-DOS, Windows 9x/NT/2K, UNIX (Solaris, LINUX) operating systems. Programming languages are old Turbo-Pascal, -Basic and -C; VC++, VBasic, Clipper, PLM, Fortran, Assembler 680xx and 80x86, PHP, Perl; User interfaces are DOS, Windows, OS/2, NextStep, Terminal; He is experienced in LAN/WAN (Installation und administration) which is Novell, Windows 9x/NT/2K, heterogeneous networks, Router configuration, leased lines concepts, network protocols and topologie.

Mr. Weineck has special knowledge in SAP-Basic, Cisco-OS, Load balancing, High availability, Computer architecture, all facets of Internet services (like DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and more), Internet security (security policies, firewalls), Storage and Backup systems, Datacenter processes (SLA, change management and other aspects).

Mr. Weineck has also tutored at the Rhenish Academy for further education Coarse "Computer science" and for the workshop "Rhetoric" at the University at Bamberg.

Mr. Weineck enjoys a keen insight of Dogdomain.com's dynamic portal/directory database-driven business capitalizing on the existing worldly infrastructure of the international dog fancy.  Dogdomain.com is a meaningful portal/directory for everything to do with dogs and dog enthusiasts world wide dynamically developed by way of interaction by the viewer/advertiser through the use of forms providing input data which is paid utilizing real time secure e-commerce at the time of placing the advert and thereby developing the critical mass of the Dogdomain.com directory.

P. Lamont Kendall C.A., Chief Financial Officer, is a Chartered Accountant who is presently employed with Homes by Avi Inc. as Vice President Finance for the past 3 years. Homes by Avi is one of Alberta's largest residential contractors with operations in both Calgary and Edmonton. Prior to that he provided a wide range of financial consulting services in his own practice. He has 28 years experience in various industries including the residential construction industry and previous associations with the oil and gas industry.  He possesses particular expertise in the area of developing business, strategic and marketing plans.  He has a well rounded background in the development and implementation of management information systems in today's computer environment. Mr. Kendall is a valuable team member who provides DDGI with an outsider's  perspective outside of the dog fancy and the industries driven thereby.

Boaqin (Jenny) Ye, Global Group, holds a Bachelor of Science degree, major in Computer Science and as a part time student now working toward her Masters Degree in software engineering.  Jenny brings to DDGI her obvious skills as a dynamic and enthusiastic team player.  She is also truly valued as a member of the Global Group assisting with internet technology with extensive knowledge and experience in software development, system administration, quality assurance and problem solving.   Jenny has excellent communication skills and is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  She has been employed by Harris Corporation, Prefersoft Inc. (International Productivity Solutions) and EDS Systemhouse (SHL Systemhouse) where she worked under contract to Imperial Oil Limited and CP  Rail.  Prior to her  immigration to Canada in 1998, Jenny was employed 3 years as Software Developer & Systems Administrator for Guangdong International Trust & Investment Corp. (Gitic) in Guangzhou,  P.R. China.  Her projects there involved Accounting Systems and Office Automation Systems.  In Jenny's short time in Canada she has received Excellence Awards as Key Contributor to the success of the Imperial Oil Project and SHL Systemhouse, November, 1998.  We at DDGI know Jenny has a bright future in Canada and we look forward to a joint rewarding long term business  relationship with her. 
Trevor A. Perraton, Director, brings to the Company 15 years of experience in various capacities from the position of Systems Administrator for Transwest Energy, Triton Canada Resources and Canadian World Wide Energy where he was responsible for complete management of the technology infrastructure. He also served as Vice-President and Director of SysGold Ltd., a private IT Outsourcing company serving the Oil and Gas Industry in Calgary, which developed a revenue base of 10 million p.a. and sold to FutureLink.

Mr. Perraton, from 1996 to October 2001, was the President and sole owner of Platinum Systems Ltd. (IT Consulting) and Channel Solutions Inc. (Hardware and Software sales), both of which were sold to Glenbriar Technologies October 2001.  He retained ownership of  Platinum Publications (Web Design and Hosting) and TAP Consulting Ltd. a private consulting practice.

Currently Mr. Perraton also is Director, Chief Executive Officer and President of  Platinum Communications Corporation, established in June 2000 to provide rural Alberta with High Speed Fiber Internet Access, Satellite, Microwave & Wireless Internet Access, RADSL, MVL & SADSL Internet Access and all other IT Consulting Services. His primary focus in overseeing the operations of all departments ensures all of the technical hardware required to implement the Broadband solution for current and future deployments. Platinum Communications' broadband high-speed Internet connectivity for rural Alberta commenced November 2000.


Elaine Mitchell, Executive Partner, brings to the DDGI team an in-depth knowledge of the International Dog Community through her career as an International Professional Dog Handler of over 30 years. She has exhibited countless dogs, particularly of the "glamour breeds", to their titles as well as first place in the standings and world champions. She maintains an International clientele and exhibits in numerous countries throughout the world.  Her profession extends not only exhibiting and preparing dogs for shows for clients, but also evaluating clients dogs, new litters of puppies and finding new dogs to incorporate into clients' breeding and exhibitor programs. Elaine has exhibited at or attended shows in many countries of the world besides Canada, including England, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, Bermuda and the USA.

Elaine is an Internationally recognized breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  She has been a conscientious breeder of Quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for 25 years under the "Cambridge" prefix. She also has a background in fashion merchandising and the arts. Elaine regularly contributes to various dog magazines and is a writer and consultant for "Doggone Publications".

Elaine enjoys a keen interest in the common bond between dog fanciers worldwide and a distinct awareness and understanding of International differences and the standard basic fundamentals of the foundation of the dog fancy. Her international experience and connections provide DDGI with a meaningful partner as "bird dog", flushing forward quality contributors, participants, other Partners, organizations and sponsors to help Www.dogdomain.com achieve its goals to serve the dog fancy.



    Picture     Andreas Schemel,  Partner, Veterinarian, Great Britain & Austria - (soon)
Partha Chatterjee, Calcutta, India, is a Licensed Judge for the Kennel Club of India. Partha commenced FCI All Breed Judging in 1986. He was introduced to the world of pigeon racing, exotic birds and dogs from birth. His father, a big game hunter, made breeding and showing dogs a routine affair in the Chatterjee household. Partha has bred and exhibited several breeds such as the Greater German Spitz, Dobermans, Whippets, Pomeranians, Dachshund Std. Smooth, GSDs, Boxers, Rottweilers, and Lhasa Apsos. He has imported several dogs of various breeds that made their mark in the show rings and produced numerous champions and top winners. He is a past committee member of the KCI and presently associated with several Kennel Clubs. 

Mr. Chatterjee commenced judging Internationally in 1989 and has since judged several shows in Australia and New Zealand. In 1989, he was one of the judges for the Melbourne Royal Show and his other prestigious appointments include the Pal Blue Ribbon Awards in Auckland (1996). Partha judged for the Hong Kong Kennel Club in 1991, the Nepal Kennel Club in 1992, several prestigious shows in Queensland, and Cebu Kennel Club Show in the Philippines in 1997. In 1999, he judged the prestigious PCCI show in Manila. In 2000, he will be judging the Brisbane Royal.

Mr. Chatterjee owns a Pharmacy and a Veterinary Policlinic attended by several Veterinary Surgeons treating Dogs and other animals. He is also a member of the advisory council of the popular Indian pet magazine, PET INDIA, writing a column in every issue and contributing articles in other International Dog Magazines. He is past Executive Director of a company manufacturing veterinary products for dogs and other animals and was in charge of Nation wide sales operations. His other hobbies include aviculture, horticulture, racing and fancy pigeons, aquarium fishes both marine and fresh water & plants.

Aleksander Suster, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, was a breeder and exhibitor of Borsoi. For the past 15 years, he has been employed with Yugoslav Airlines (JAT) as an aircraft mechanic. He is presently publishing a series of dog breed books and also has his own website to market these books (See - http://solair.eunet.yu/~ssalle/book.htm - "Dog-Info"). He is the organist at St. Joseph's Church in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.


Heidi Gervais, Partner, has been involved with dogs for over 25 years as her mother breeds Irish setters under the prefix of Kulana. This kennel produced many champions in Canada and the USA as well as multiple Best In Shows and Best in Specialty Show (Can/US Ch. Kulana Que Sera Sera).

Heidi commenced junior handling at the age of eight and continued with the dog fancy all through high school and then went on to apprentice with Taffee (Walker) McFadden. Taffee moved to California to pursue her career and Heidi went on to gain more experience in grooming and handling dogs with Professional Handlers, Elliot and Linda More in Connecticut. This gave Heidi more grooming, handling and conditioning experience in a variety of breeds including Golden Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, Bullmastiffs, Rough Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Cairn Terriers and Portuguese Water Dogs and many others.

Heidi returned to Canada and took a position with Dynapro Systems Inc., an industry-leader high-tech computer company in Vancouver, B.C. Dynapro specializes in automated touch screen technology for the industrial market enjoying annual sales of over $50 million. Dynapro was the recipient of the Top 50 Managed BC companies with the CEO receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in l995. Heidi was part of this team for over five years in various administrative capacities reporting directly to top level management. During this time she continued with the dog fancy on weekends and then moved back to Vancouver Island to pursue handling as a full time occupation.

Heidi is now married and lives in Sunny Crofton By the Sea on Vancouver Island with her husband and their dogs and enjoys golf, skiing, boating and fishing.  Heidiís background in the business world has gained her experience in a multitude of Administrative Assistant and corporate duties including budgets for corporate travel, extensive experience with software applications utilized in the preparation of spreadsheets, corporate meeting minutes, creation, layout, design and production of corporate print material including the monthly newsletter, procedure forms, event invitations and posters. Presently Heidi is the Editor of the Irish Setter Club.

In the last three years as a Professional Handler Heidi has exhibited many dogs to their championships, Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show. In 1999 she handled the No. 1 Golden Retriever to a record breaking ten Best in Show wins. Heidiís varied corporate, high-tech and dog fancy experience and contacts is a very valuable asset to assist in the goals of dogdomain.com.

Jolie McMullan, Partner, has been professionally showing dogs for four years and resides in British Columbia. Prior to this she lived in Manitoba where she was involved in the horse fancy participating in equestrian jumping , exercise, riding and training of Thoroughbred Race Horses.

In the last four years of showing and being involved with purebred dogs, she has exhibited many dogs to their Canadian Championships. Jolie has also done some Canine Good Citizen (C.G.C). titles. 

She has traveled as far as Kentucky to the Blue Grass Circuit in September. Jolie has attended several special Breed Dog Shows such as the Dalmatian Club of Canada National , Labrador Retriever National, Irish Setter Club of Canada National, The Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Club of America National. Jolie owns and has in her home Dalmatians, an English Springer Spaniel and an Irish Setter which are all Canadian Champions.

One of Jolieís Dalmatians, Am/Can. Ch.Wilddeer Medallion ( Larren) was #1 male #2 Dalmatian for 1999 under the Canadian Kennel Club system. He is also on the BARF (Bones and Raw Food) Diet and Pet Chef diet. Her Irish Setter, Ch. Kulana Wild Wild West (Courtney) is also a Pet Chef dog. Jolie is a very strong believer in raw diet and has witnessed some great results on raw food in her dogs and others.

Further, Jolie is an obedience instructor in Port Alberni for the past three years. She enjoys seeing the results at the end of the course when students really put their minds to doing the work. Jolie is very studious in many other dog activities such as her interests in K-9 Acupressure and is constantly striving to take in as many seminars as possible Partnerd with the dog fancy.

Barbara Schmolzer, Partner, has 20 years experience in pet grooming and dog handling that involved international travel to Holland, Germany, the USA and Canada. At age 14, Barbara purchased an English Setter show dog and seriously began her love of working with animals as assistant to a well-known professional handler. She exhibited, groomed and cared for the dogs, gaining considerable knowledge of most breeds of dogs and attending dog shows across Canada. She participated in Junior Handling and within two years achieved first place in the Alberta Senior Handling competition. Barbara has also assisted at local dog shows as ring steward.

Since 1994, Barbara has owned her own dog grooming business under the name of Continental Grooming and Services. She regularly attends pet grooming seminars and competitions to enhance her ability and knowledge. She has placed first each time she has competed. For the past four years, Barbara has shared her knowledge and ability by teaching Basic Grooming Classes through local continuing education and dog salons.

Barbara's love for animals involved working with horses as an assistant with Hughie Sinclair's Chuck Wagon Racing Team. She worked at a local pet hospital where her duties were varied and all encompassing. Previously, Barbara was a Video Consultant and Assistant Purchasing Manager with a local video business.


They are all happy to contribute, be paid for same, and, possibly, contribute their time and/or donate their rewards to their local club, humane society, etc. Remuneration for information contributions would only be due upon fulfillment of the annual contract available for acceptance on-line. All such contributions will receive on-line recognition for their contribution.

The partners are usually able to work out of their homes, are experienced, and understand the dog game. Many dog fanciers, as a continuation of their hobby and/or retirement income, will seek us out and/or we can readily find these people via the existing International dog network.

Other partners are individuals experienced in Internet and communication services who can work out of their homes and/or on site.



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